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Rs 235,000.00

Experience the power of music with Apple AirPods Max wireless around-ear headphones, which deliver high-quality sound, industry-leading ANC, Adaptive EQ, room-adapted sound when watching movies and an impressive design that lets you stand out from the crowd.

Active noise reduction

Room-adapted sound, Siri


20 hours usage time, Smart Case


Six Months Apple care warranty

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Rs 235,000
Rs 242,268
12 Months Credit Card 0% Instalment
Rs 20,189
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06 Months
Rs 40,378
24 Months
Rs 10,095
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With Apple AirPods Max wireless around-ear headphones , you will rediscover the magic of AirPods and experience music in its purest form. Active noise reduction ensures that you can enjoy high-quality sound and low distortion, in addition to the room-adapted sound contributing to a surrounding music experience. When you need to get back in touch with the outside world, turn on Sound Highlight, use Digital Crown to activate Siri, or hold crystal clear phone calls.

Active noise reduction

Do not let anything disturb you while listening to music. AirPods Max comes with six microphones that face outwards and detect ambient noise to create counter-noise, and two microphones that face inwards and register what you hear. Adaptive EQ then adapts the frequencies to the music for stable and rich sound of high quality. To let in outside noise, you just need to press a button to switch to Audio Highlight.

Room-adapted sound

Get the best sound when watching movies or TV shows with AirPods Max. The headphones boast dynamic head tracking that uses built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect small head movements, and adjusts the sound so that it feels like it is coming from all directions.

Unique design and high comfort

Based on the tradition behind AirPods, these headphones are getting bigger and bolder. AirPods Max comes with light anodized aluminum earbuds, which can rotate independently and balance the pressure, telescopic arms for perfect fit and seal, stainless steel frame wrapped in soft materials that combine strength, comfort and flexibility, and the elegant and modern hoop with mesh that distributes weight and reduces pressure on the head.

Digital Crown

Use accurate Digital Crown to control volume, switch songs, answer calls and activate Siri.

Seamless pairing and swapping

AirPods Max easily connects to your iPhone or iPad by placing it near the device and then tapping "Connect" on the screen. Then you can seamlessly switch between music and call devices.


life AirPods Max offers up to 20 hours of wireless operating time with active noise reduction and room-adapted sound. Just five minutes of fast charging gives the headphones 1.5 hours of extra music. AirPods Max comes with a soft and sleek Smart Case that puts the headphones in an ultra-low power state to conserve battery life.

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