Play Station 5

Rs 295,000.00

PlayStation 5 (PS5) gives you access to a next-generation gaming experience with photorealistic beam-tracking graphics, near-instant loading time and captivating 3D sound. This is the new norm.

Supports 4K 120 Hz / 8K HDR

825 GB custom SSD storage

Tempest 3D AudioTech sound engine

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Rs 295,000
Rs 304,124
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Rs 25,344
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PlayStation 5 (PS5) redefines gaming with a range of next-generation features and functions to provide a superior gaming experience. Get ready for gaming with up to 120 fps in compatible games, with support for 120 Hz refresh rate on 4K monitors. Feel every single explosion, shot and crash thanks to the redesigned DualSense wireless controller that gives you haptic feedback in the form of vibrations and adaptive trigger buttons that work together to give you a unique sensory experience of in-game action.------ Processor power and graphics------- Photo-realistic graphics are made possible thanks to a combination of components specially designed for PlayStation 5. The AMD Ryzen Zen 2 x86-64 processor with eight-core / 16-wire configuration can run at variable frequencies up to 3.5 GHz and AMD Radeon RDNA 2- based graphics with variable frequency up to 2.23 GHz (36 CU, 10.3 TFLOPS) with support for Ray-Tracing Acceleration ensures high performance. The system is supported by lightning fast 16 GB GDDR6 RAM with 448 GB / s bandwidth.-------- Entertainment in 4K and 8K resolution--------- PlayStation 5 is capable of giving you 4K UHD (up to 120 Hz) and 8K 4320p resolution. Thus, all content, be it games or movies, will be displayed with incredible image sharpness.---- HDR support-------- Thanks to HDR picture technology, users with HDR-compatible TVs will be able to experience deeper contrast, clearer colors and a more realistic environment in compatible games and other content.---------- Specially designed ultra-fast SSD----------- Now it's over to wait for the game to start. PlayStation 5 includes a specially designed ultra-fast 825 GB SSD with up to 5.5 GB / s read speed that gives you almost instant loading and faster installation time for games and updates. Thus, it is now possible to jump into the game just a few seconds after you start up the console.--------- DualSense wireless controller-------- With the redesigned and improved DualSense wireless controller, it will feel like you are in the game and you will have complete control. The haptic feedback vibration technology and the adaptive trigger buttons (R2 / L2) give you detailed sensory feedback that simulates the actions you take in the game. The controller also has a rechargeable battery, larger trackpad, six-axis motion detection system, audio port, USB-C port, built-in microphone and speaker.---- Tempest 3D AudioTech-------------- Tempest 3D AudioTech is a dedicated audio processing engine that can create three-dimensional surround sound with hundreds of audio sources, giving you the feeling that the sounds are coming from all directions. You can choose whether you want to use headphones or TV speakers, the sound will be just as good in all supported games.-------------- Ready for action---------- PlayStation 5 lets you download or update games in the background while doing other things, or even in standby mode. This way you do not have to wait for long-term updates. You can start the game as soon as parts of the game data are downloaded. The PlayGo feature downloads the rest of the game in the background while you play.------------ Share the experiences---------- Show off your victories with a simple push of a button. By pressing the Create button on the controller, you can scan through the last minutes of playing time, mark what you want to share and return to the game - the video is uploaded while you play. The PlayStation 5 system also enhances the social viewing experience by letting you stream your games in real time.--- Blu-ray optical drive supports the following formats:--------- - Ultra HD Blu-ray (66G / 100G)-------- - 10x CAVBD-ROM (25G / 50G)--------- - 8xCAVBD-R / RE (25G / 50G)--------- - 8xCAVDVD---------- - 3.2xCLV-------- Connection options:------- - HDMI 2.1 with 4K 120 Hz, 8K, VRR------- - 1 pc. USB-C 3.2 Gen2 (in front)------- - 2 pcs. USB-A 3.2 Gen2 (on the back)-------- - 1 pc. USB-A 3.2 Gen1 (front)-------- - Gigabit LAN Ethernet port------- - Wi-Fi ax and Bluetooth 5.1--------- Supplied accessories:-------- - DualSense wireless controllers-------- - HDMI cable-------- - USB charging cable------- - Power cable---------

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