Apple Watch Ultra

Rs 275,000.00


Always‑On Retina display

Advanced health and activity meter

Diving down to 40 meter

Apple Watch Ultra is the most rugged Apple Watch ever, completely redesigned for endurance and exploration. The extremely bright Retina display combined with powerful hardware is housed in a military-certified titanium housing with sapphire crystal.

One Year Apple care warranty

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Rs 275,000
Rs 283,505
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Get to the next level with the new Apple Watch Ultra . Designed for extreme environments, with no room for compromise. The titanium case is tested to a military standard MIL-STD 810H to ensure the best possible protection, with water resistance up to 100 meters and IP6X dust protection. Perfect for running, walking, diving and other high-intensity activities, Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with top-level health and activity tracking features to help you perform at your best and stay safe.

Clock house

The edges of the titanium case are raised to fully protect the sapphire crystal lens from side impacts. The digital crown is larger, and with the side button raised to the side, the watch is easy to use in any environment, even with gloves. The new action button is easily accessible and you can customize it to your own specific needs.


The Always-On Retina display is the largest Apple Watch display to date and provides an amazing brightness of up to 2000 nits, making reading in direct sunlight no problem. The Wayfinder wallpaper for Apple Watch Ultra features a timer with a real-time compass and other statistics. It can be switched to a vibrant red night mode by turning the digital crown.


A three-microphone array with machine learning filters automatically selects optimal settings for the best possible voice quality, even in windy environments. A double speaker with increased volume provides loud and clear sound. An emergency siren can be activated by holding down the action button and emits a sound of 86 dB that can be heard from up to 180 meters away.


Dual-band GPS combined with Apple Maps creates a highly detailed and accurate navigation system. The redesigned Compass app keeps you on track and gives you a full overview of altitude, elevation, longitude and latitude by turning the digital crown.


The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a full-fledged dive computer and is EN13319 certified. The watch is fully waterproof to 40 meters and has a depth gauge for accurate real-time depth and water temperature data. The Oceanic+ diving app is equipped with all core diving functions such as decompression limits, ascent rates and safety stops, all running on the Bühlmann decompression algorithm. All information is bright, color-coded and can be easily checked by turning the digital crown.

Measurement of oxygen saturation in the blood

The oxygen saturation of the blood is an important health indicator. It makes it easier to understand how well your body absorbs oxygen during physically demanding activities.

ECG heart rate monitor

An improved optical heart sensor monitor provides resting, walking and exercise heart rate information available directly on the screen. For your overall well-being and to prevent a common and often undiagnosed heart arrhythmia, the watch will collect and provide you with important health data. Take advantage of the built-in electrocardiogram and keep your health in check.


features Safety is the number one priority, which is why the Apple Watch Ultra offers a number of emergency features. This includes an emergency SOS, activated by pressing and holding the side button and an automatic collision and fall detection that, by taking advantage of the next generation accelerator and gyroscope, is able to detect when you fall. It will then initiate a conversation or send a message with your location to your designated emergency contact.


The large battery keeps you fully connected and runs for up to 36 hours with normal use and up to 60 hours with low power consumption.

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